[Natural Awakening 01] Use mineral oil for lip balm?

It's cheap and easy to use, but is it real? ⁣
Even if you know that petroleum jelly contains petroleum by-products, ⁣
Everyone’s love for it is as warm as grandpa’s hands...haha 😂⁣
Talk about mineral oil with you this time! ⁣

➜ The benefits of mineral oil⁣

  • Stable characteristics, easy to form a stable paste shape⁣
  • Mineral oil is highly inert and does not easily react with the skin ⁣
  • It can form a stable protective film on the surface of the skin, which does not bring nutrients to the skin but at the same time does not irritate, so the dermatologist will prescribe better than the patient⁣

➜ Why do people start to hate mineral oil? ⁣

  • In the past, I was afraid that mineral oil would clog pores and cause acne problems⁣
  • Mineral oil is a by-product of petroleum, and everyone is afraid of "putting petroleum on the face" (Telling your petroleum by-product ≠ petroleum) ⁣< /li>
  • According to the test of the Consumer Council, 36 samples were detected as carcinogenic mineral oil substances MOSH and MOAH, which may cause cancer after long-term oral intake⁣

➜ Brands that use mineral oil⁣
Vaseline#Vaseline、 QV, Mentholatum, Yaer, Bioderma, Kiehl's, Carmex, etc.⁣

➜ Mineral oil composition name⁣
Mineral oil, petrolatum, paraffinum-liquidum, paraffinum- subliquidum, cera microcristallina / microcrystalline wax, ozokerit, ceresin C11-12/ C13-14, isoparaffin C11-12/ C13-14, liquid paraffin⁣

Source: Position News and Consumer Council Report⁣

(2 Aug, 2020)

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