Collection: Botani 澳洲草本護膚

Botáni Australia誕生於1994年,由澳洲自然療法學家及草本學家Barbara Filokostas成立,致力研製有效的肌膚護理產品。
Botani 結合自然療法及現代護膚科學,經過多年產品研究、發展及測試,以確保所有成品安全及有效,讓你的肌膚散發自然光澤。

Botani is a Melbourne based brand that has been around for over 20 years. Botani's skin care is sourced from natural, certified organic and plant based ingredients. The range is 100% vegan with no harsh ingredients, artificial colours or synthetic fragrances.

Olive squalene is used frequently in their products as it mimics the oil in our skin and replenish our own squalene daily so it's the perfect moisturiser and protector. 

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