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NAIKED 小梳打去漬皂 Vegan Stain Soap 100g

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關於商品 Product Details

NAIKED 小梳打去漬皂
Vegan Stain Soap

不如試試NAIKED 小梳打去漬皂,

NAIKED 小梳打去漬皂:

▸ 特以小梳打成份製作成皂,清潔力Level Up
▸ 加入不致敏成分,專為手洗衣物而設的清潔皂
▸ 配方經NCP認證安全,孕婦亦可放心使用
▸ 純素及無動物測試

The vegan, plastic-free and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional stain remover.

A little water and the vegan, solid stain soap are all you need to stay clean, also while traveling. With the combined power of soda and soap bark even the nastiest smudges do not stand a chance.

品牌簡介 About the Brand

「NAIKED」有「Naked 裸裝」的意思,除了意指NAIKED在產品包裝上保持簡約,還表達了品牌有著簡單而純粹的信念-為大家創造更環保、價格更相宜的生活選擇!

Our home port is Hamburg and no, we are not naked, but our products are almost.
NAIKED concentrates on the essential out of conviction. No gimmicks, no superfluous ingredients, no fillers like microplastics or other humbug that fills our pockets but is bad for you and the environment. We don’t want to do that. We’d rather stay naked.

What we want to achieve with this? The smallest possible ecological footprint. Switching to environmentally friendly products like ours is not a big extra effort, but an easy step towards sustainable living. And all this without having to pay fictional and unaffordable prices for products. A perfect fit, we would say. What do you say?

使用方法 How to Use

❶ 查看衣物上的建議洗滌方式
Observe the care instructions for the textile.
❷ 將衣物及清潔皂完全弄濕
Moisten the stain or textile.
❸ 輕輕在衣物上打圈洗刷,如有需要可配合清潔刷
Gently rub in the soap, treat with a brush or cloth if necessary.
❹ 待一會兒後過清水
Let it work for a while and rinse well with water.

全成分或物料 Ingredients or Materials

100% vegan 素食者適合使用

30% and above: soap
Other ingredients: Sodium Carbonate, Quillaja Saponaria Bark Extract


後續處理 Product's After Life

包裝屬紙品類回收,紙盒內的牛油紙在香港難以回收,請自行重用或交回Natural Awake給我們作寄貨包材