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Resparkle 零廢濃縮潔手粉 Foaming Hand Wash Refills Pack

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關於商品 Product Details

Resparkle 零廢濃縮潔手粉 Foaming Hand Wash Refills Pack


Resparkle 零廢潔手濃縮潔手粉以創新概念,

Natural hand soap for sensitive skin
Cruelty-free + vegan friendly
Eco-friendly home compostable refill sachets
Saving space and money

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly soap alternative that won’t contribute to landfills, this is it. Our foaming hand wash refill comes in an easy-to-use (and good for the earth) compostable sachet. Top up your reusable hand soap dispenser with no hassle, no chemicals, no worries.

Made with a coconut-based pH-neutral cleanser and packed with beautifully fragrant essential oils, the gentle lather promises to remove dirt without stripping your skin and leaving it dry. Sulfate-free and suitable for all skin conditions, this is the hand wash your hands have been waiting for.

品牌簡介 About the Brand

Resparkle 於2013年誕生自澳洲一個農夫市集。創辦人 Pearl 是一位討厭清潔、擁有哮喘及敏感性皮膚的媽媽。她發現日常生活中的清潔產品竟然有 90% 是水,還有很多很多對肌膚有害的刺激性成分。故此,Resparkle漸漸成形。

Resparkle 堅持生產零廢、天然有機的家居清潔產品,所有補充裝選用 100% 純植物料製作,證實可家居堆肥及自然分解。從日常生活習慣開始,以最簡單的方式,踏出你的零廢足跡!

The Resparkle journey started in 2013 at a farmers market in the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. The founder, Pearl, a mother with asthma and sensitive skin who hate cleaning, discovered cleaning products were made of 90% water and the rest harsh chemicals. She questioned why we’re transporting litres of water in so much plastic across the country when we are fortunate to have clean water from our taps.

This eventually birthed the Australian first, refill pod of concentrate innovation and formulas that were not only 100% natural but effective as well.

Resparkle's 100% plant-powered products transform your everyday choices into victories worth celebrating. With their waste-free, toxin-free products, you can become part of the clean planet solution spray by dirt-blasting spray.

使用方法 How to Use

❶ 剪開包裝封口 Cut sachet following the tear line.
❷ 把粉末小心地倒進瓶中 Pour powder carefully into the bottle.
❸ 用溫水倒滿 Resparkle 可重用瓶子中或任何 400ml 或以上的容器中 Fill the Resparkle reusable glass bottle or any 400ml bottle all the way to the top with warm water.
❹ 蓋上瓶蓋並輕輕搖動 Cap bottle securely and give it a gentle swirl.
❺ 靜待15分鐘確保粉末已完全溶解 Leave for 15 minutes or until the powders are completely dissolved to get the best foam pumps.

全成分或物料 Ingredients or Materials

100% vegan 素食者適合使用

Coconut derived surfactants (EWG rating 1) : Plant-based cleanser
Citric Acid: provides the right pH for your skin so it cleans without drying
Sodium Bicarbonate (EWG rating 1): Cleaning aid
Potassium Sorbate (EWG rating 1) : Maintains shelf life, nature-identical (equivalent to a molecule found in fruits)
Sodium Benzonate (Ewg rating 1): Maintains shelf life, nature-identical (equivalent to a molecule found in fruits)
French Lavender, Rose, Australian Eucalyptus essential oils

What is EWG score?
The EWG score is a hazard score ranging from 1-2 (low hazard), 3-6 (moderate hazard) and 7-10 (high hazard) published by the Environmental Working Group.



後續處理 Product's After Life

紙盒可重用或回收,粉末包裝袋可選擇廚餘回收 (12星期可完全分解) 或家居堆肥(26星期可完全分解)之用,當然你也可選擇與家居垃圾一起棄置