🗣 常見問題 FAQS

Q:Natural Awake 如何篩選及引入品牌?How does Natural Awake find the brands?

Natural Awake 引入品牌的標準可能與你認識的美妝選物店有所不同,我們會把純素、無動物測試、環境保育及聰明理性消費等等概念納入選物準則之中。
如果你有品牌推介,甚至你是品牌負責人,歡迎你經電郵聯絡我們 info@naturalawake.co!
We have a bit different in selecting the brands rather than other online store, 
that we value very much on vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly products! 
Once we finish the research on the interested brands, we would talk directly to the brands and discuss more details with them.
And we hope our "Awakers" would understand the brand's ideas clearly before they do purchase!
If you find brands also have the same passion with us, just feel free to let us know by email info@naturalawake.co .

Q:你們的產品及品牌有做動物測試嗎?都是純素的嗎?Are your products all vegan? Any animal tests?

Natural Awake 引入所有品牌都是無動物測試品牌,因為我們與旗下眾多品牌都深信,自信不應建築在小動物的生命之上。至於純素,我們引入的所有產品都是純素的,絕不含如蜂蜜、牛奶、羊脂等動物成分,素食者也可安心使用。
另外,部分無動物測試品牌或有推出含動物成分的產品,而 Natural Awake 恕不引入該含動物成分的產品。
所以各位「Awakers」在 Natural Awake 看到的所有產品都是無動物測試、純素的!
Our products are all vegan (strictly not including any animal by-products) and cruelty-free (strictly not sold in the Mainland China).
We believe no cruelty should be caused because of manufacturing beauty products.
We may have non-vegan brands in our store but we won't have non-vegan products.
Therefore, we are proud to say all the products you see in Natural Awake are 100% vegan and cruelty-free!

Q:Natural Awake 的產品可以回收嗎?How can I recycle the products after using them?

我們在選物的過程中,也會考慮產品回收的問題,並盡量引入可以回收再利用的產品或產品包裝。但Natural Awake 認為,回收不是唯一的環保方法(特別在香港把回收品放進三色回收筒中,最後還是跟一般垃圾一樣被送至堆填區。)
我們較為重視源頭減廢、循環再用及升級再用的概念,亦希望用家在使用產品後可多發掘包裝容器的創新用途,自行 Upcycle!
Recycling is not the only way to go green-living. We are more concerning reducing, reusing and upcycling.
We suggest "Awakers" would try their best to reuse and upcycle the containers and packages.
Of course, in the beginning of our brand research, we also consider the product packaging materials!
Let us know if you have other concerns~

Q:你們如何包裏產品?How do you package the orders?

如果你發現包裏中有塑膠防撞紙或防撞膠粒 (一般為粟米澱粉製膠粒),它們都是我們重用品牌寄貨時附帶的緩衝物料,Natural Awake 不會自行購入任何塑膠包裝及防撞物料作包裝產品之用!
Our local shipping and Alfred Locker orders are packages by plastic-free materials and paper boxes.
Please try your best to reuse or upcycle the package materials we give you~ 
If you find bubble wraps or bubble balls (normally made of plant starch), we did not buy them!
They are all given by our customers and brands and we just reuse them. 

Q:我可以如何付款?How could I do the payment?

Natural Awake 透過 PayPal 平台 接受主要信用卡支付,例如 Visa、Mastercard 及銀聯信用卡等。
另外,我們也分別為香港本地及澳門地區的客人提供 Payme 及 澳門中國銀行轉帳服務,客人付款時會有清𥇦的指引說明。
We offer PayPal payment accepting Visa, MasterCard or other credit cards.
Also, we specially allow locals in Hong Kong and Macau to pay by PayMe and BOC Macau Bank Transfer respectively.
All payment instructions will be listed clearly when you checkout : )

Q:我想跟 Natural Awake 合作,可以嗎?Can I work with Natural Awake?

期待!Natural Awake 十分樂意跟理念相同的單位合作!
無論你是品牌負責人、KOL 或其他機構,如有合作意念或計劃,歡迎透過電郵 info@naturalawake.co 與我們分享及討論。
Sure! We are looking for working partners and brands sharing the same values with us! If you have any interesting ideas, just let us know via email info@naturalawake.co .

Q:你們接受批發或寄賣合作嗎?Do you accept wholesale and consignment?

當然,如果你跟我們有共同想法或對純素產品感興趣,歡迎電郵 info@naturalawake.co 告訴我們你的想法!
Yes! If you are interested in our products, send email to us info@naturalawake.co !

Q:你們有實體門市嗎?Do you have local stores?

Natural Awake 暫時以網店經營,但我們亦有設置寄賣店,讓「Awakers」可以親身試試我們的產品。想查詢現時的寄賣據點,可按這裏如果你發現與我們理念相同的店舖,甚至你就是店舖負責人,歡迎電郵 info@naturalawake.co 與我們討論!
Natural Awake is an online store so far but we also have consignment stores : Our Stockists If you're the store owner looking for consignment collaboration, email us info@naturalawake.co !